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What to expect and how to apply

We want you to have all the information you need to make a great choice. Please help us by answering a few questions.

Tuition and Fees

(set annually)

Application Fee

$100 for any child who holds Canadian citizenship/permanent residency, or whose parent holds a valid permit to work/study in Canada

$300 for international students (scroll for more information)

EAL Support Fee

(English as an Additional Language)


This annual fee is applied only when a student in Primary to Grade 9 is learning English as a secondary/subsequent language, and is assessed as needing supplementary language acquisition support. This service is applied at the discretion of school staff. 

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Initial Admission Fee (new families)

$ 500*

* This is a partial payment of the $2,500 Initial Admission Fee – a special arrangement for new families registering only a pre-primary student. You’ll pay $500 of the $2,500 in 2024-25. You will pay the rest of the IAF if/when any child in your family enters any part of our Primary to Grade 9 programme.




(Primary to Grade 6)

Initial Admission Fee (new families)


Additional service:
English as an Additional Language (EAL)** Fee: $1,448

Optional add-ons:
Daily childcare following dismissal, recreational one-day camps, week-long summer day-camps

Afterschool fees for 2023-24 (watch for an update)

Every regular school day: $2,898/year 

4 days/week at $2,608/year
3 days/week at $2,029/year
2 days/week at $1,304/year
*priority is given to full-time; requires set schedule



Middle School

(Grades 7–9)

Initial Admission Fee (new families)


Additional service:
English as an Additional Language (EAL)** Fee: $1,448



** EAL applies to students in Primary – Grade 9 based on our assessment of the student’s need for support

Admissions Process

Start with a simple connection and some basic questions.

Step 1
Inquiry and parent tour/mtg
Step 2
Step 3
Independent student visit
Step 4
Our final review
Step 5
Your decision and commitment

Financial assistance

Requests processed through Apple Financial Services (AFS)

International Students

For our purposes, an international student is any student whose enrolment at Halifax Independent School depends on the success of their own application for a Canadian study permit. International students pay a higher application fee, but tuition and EAL fees (where applicable) are at our standard rates.

We welcome international students! Our collaborative learning environment, small classes, and warm community supports positive cultural experience and English language development. 

The student’s family is responsible for all other arrangements (e.g., study permit, housing, and if needed, guardianship). Learn more here:  Study in Canada as an International Student.

English language learners from Primary to Grade 9
Your child may be required to receive English as an Additional Language (EAL) support as an additional service, at an extra cost. This service and fee will be applied based on the school’s ongoing assessment of your child’s learning needs.


Thinking of applying?

We value your time and your desire to find a good fit for your family. 

Answer a few questions to help us understand your needs.