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Student Experience | Elementary


Primary to Grade 6

Our warm and nurturing Elementary programme offers students an engaging atmosphere, rich with possibilities for academic and social growth, personal challenge, and creative expression. We are just small enough to provide your child with the security of meaningful and caring relationships with teachers and well-tended relationships with peers.

Child using a scissors
Kids looking at photos with magnifying glass

Hands-on inquiry

called “Theme”

  • teaches applied research methods, literacy, math, and handwriting
  • offers an integrated immersive learning experience
  • bridges social studies, STEM, and language arts
  • encourages ownership over work
  • invites critical thinking and context-building
  • builds presentation skills including data modelling, graphic design, and public speaking

In Theme, students

formulate questions
seek answers
build context
share findings

Core curriculum
Specialist instruction

Visual Art

Visual Art

Integrated seamlessly into Theme as a study topic or a tool for communicating research

Taught weekly by our visual art specialist, beginning at Grade 1

  • art appreciation
  • media and method
  • individual expression and guided explorations

Multi-age class groups

From Grades 1 to 6, your child’s class will intentionally combine students from two consecutive grades.

Each new school year brings a new mix and new possibilities.

“Multi-age classrooms at Halifax Independent School allow the teachers to teach individuals rather than grades.
The expectation is that all children will do their best work.”

“Best School in the World: How students, teachers and parents have created a model that can transform Canada’s public schools”

author, Molly Hurd

Memorable experiences

Theme: Fair!


must-see events, held twice yearly

In each class, students and their teachers build knowledge through shared exploration and individual research, preparing to share it with others.

Students consolidate learning by presenting their work through writing, speaking and modelling.

Fair is an exciting reveal for an audience of parents, following months of in-class preparation.

At Fair, you’ll see your child’s research and where it fits in the larger picture of  the class work. More than that, you will gain insight into your child’s growth and progress in research methods, presentation skills and more.

Assessment and reporting

informal and formal feedback
approachable staff
proactive communication
collaborative discussions
three scheduled parent-teacher conferences

In addition, your child will be supported in thoughtful regular reflection and self-assessment.

What about report cards and grades? 

We don’t issue written reports for Elementary students, and student progress is not reduced to grades.

We are known for providing substantial, timely feedback.

*Elementary students transferring to a new school are provided with a detailed placement report.    

Children playing with bubbles

Childcare add-ons

open to HIS students, P-6
Afterschool Care

Pre-registered Afterschool Care

  • from dismissal to 5:30 p.m.
  • active, fresh-air fun and relaxed socializing
Application requirements and fees

Wondering how to apply?