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Student Experience | Middle School

Middle School

Grades 7-9

Personal growth
High school readiness

Beginning in Grade 7, academic subjects are taught in grade-based classes.

Our senior students leave theme-based investigations behind, but cross-curricular connections continue as they prepare for high school.

Your child should anticipate learning through independent work, group discussion/collaboration and project planning and execution–short to long term.

We create opportunities for our students and staff to build warm, positive relationships.

Critical thinking and problem-solving

We support our students in seeking context and not settling for surface understanding. Students sharpen these essential skills in Social Studies and STEM, reflective discussions, and community-building projects.

Would that I could wind the clock back and get THAT kind of science education before I entered high school!
My education, in retrospect, was pretty good, but nothing like the exciting science-oriented learning experiences offered to the HIS senior students.
Dr. Peter Duinker
Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie University

Communication and connection

Throughout the junior high years, our students continue to build readiness to speak up and speak out. 

Opportunities to present, educate, and advocate expand. Students gain confidence and the capacity to communicate to diverse audiences, tackling weighty content and challenging subjects using written and spoken communication as well as meaningful graphics and modelling.

Individuality within community

We value the presence and participation of this age group in our school community. In many cases, we have known them since Pre-primary!

We celebrate their personal investment in chosen pursuits/passions while encouraging their active contribution to collective efforts in and out of school.

Perhaps one of the best testaments to how well HIS is educating my children is how well my eldest has done in high school and university, but also in non-academic settings. I believe HIS prepared him well.
Dave Vroege

Ownership and agency

We take the long road to social-emotional development. We invest in strong communication, nurturing a culture that makes safe spaces for honest personal reflection, candid conversation, and growing independence. We consider it a privilege to walk alongside these students during this season of life.

Multi-age experiences

within the Middle School

Grades 7-9 students and their teachers start the year with a 3-day trip at a local camp venue, an early opportunity to build bonds through outdoor activities, play, cooperative challenges, and shared experiences. This trip creates a strong foundation for the year ahead.

Mixed grade groups take short courses in arts/culture and sport/active leisure. The mix of possibilities changes; in every case, healthy risk-taking and full participation is key. We call it “Enrichment”, a weekly challenge to step out of our individual comfort zones and learn something new.

in our whole school community

Our whole-school events are an opportunity for our MS students to shine through various leadership roles. They experience planning, mentoring, encouraging and celebrating their younger schoolmates. Parents of our younger students love watching their little ones enjoy positive connections with “big kids”. 

Parents of our MS students appreciate how our community values play alongside opportunities to demonstrate growing maturity, responsibility, and empathy.

Assessment and reporting

Students in Grade 7-9 experience routine assessment of their independent project work and their group collaborations (process and outcome). Project-specific rubrics are introduced in Grade 7 and used for planning and detailed assessment.    

Students learn test-taking strategies and have practical experience sitting tests. At this stage, test results are used to identify areas for reinforcement or consolidation. 

Parent-teacher conferences and routine, proactive communication continues. 

Report cards
  • Grade 7 – one report card (end of year), anecdotal format (no grades)

  • Grades 8 and 9 – two report cards per year (mid and final), separate letter grades given for achievement and for engagement
Students building a wooden structure
Application requirements and fees

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