Cameron Gymnasium & Multi-Purpose Room Rental

Rent our full Cameron Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Room for your community or private event.

*Our Facility Attendant will be onsite to welcome renters and guests, and will remain present and available throughout the booking to answer questions and provide direction as needed. 

Cameron Gymnasium

At 94’ x 63’, the Cameron Gymnasium has been embraced by local sports and leisure enthusiasts. It is perfect for practices, and weekly recreational league play.

In addition, this surface is a wonderful play surface for young children, and parents are offered a discount price on the Cameron Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Room party combo. 

Suitable for basketball, volleyball, badminton, goalball, pickleball, and floor hockey (not ball hockey).


•    Pulastic Floor Covering - a seamless, smooth, and resilient play surface with outstanding ball bounce
     All users must carry in clean, dry, indoor gym shoes for use on the Pulastic floor surface. 

•    Two full-height retractable basketball nets

•    A change room with cubicles and a shared sink

•    Whiteboard

•    Established floor demarcation for full Basketball/Volleyball, 2 side Volleyball, 3 side Badminton

•    Perimeter bench seating specially designed to protect the flooring

Equipment available on request:

•    Volleyball Nets

•    Badminton Nets

Only water (straight up) can be brought into the Cameron Gymnasium - no exceptions. This is so that we can continue to offer all of our users a well-maintained playing surface. 

Does your event involve snacks, meals, etc.? Rent the Multi-Purpose Room as a hospitality centre with a great view of the action in the Cameron Gymnasium. Combination rentals are discounted.


Multi-Purpose Room

This bright, accessible 72’ x 25’ space is suitable for birthday parties and celebrations, meetings, dances, and dance/fitness classes. 


•    In-room kitchenette (kettle, microwave, sink, fridge)
•    Two wall surfaces suitable for projection
•    Whiteboard

Available by Arrangement:

•    Chairs
•    Tables

Our Multi-Purpose Room is spacious and affords a view of the Cameron Gymnasium from the ground floor.



Rentals are welcome during the following times:

Mon – Fri: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sat & Sun: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Scroll down to see our booking calendar.
To request a booking, send the following information to our rentals coordinator:

  • date(s) and times of your booking
  • whether you want to book the Cameron Gymnasium, or the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) — or both!
  • the type of activity you have planned (basketball, volleyball, a simple meeting in the MPR etc..)
  • the estimated number of participants (including spectators if it is a sporting event)
  • for MPR rentals: any requirements such as tables and chairs, access to the fridge etc..


A community space designed to facilitate healthy activity and remarkable moments.


Rental Rates: Per hour, 2-hour minimum

Cameron Gymnasium
$140 + $70/additional hour

Multi-Purpose Room
$80 + $40/additional hour

Combo Package
$154 + $77/additional hour

Does your organization have a “not-for-profit” designation? Contact us for discounted rental rates. 

Other fees: 
Multi-Purpose Room Table and/or Chair Rental/Projector
Extraordinary Cleaning Fee (applied only as needed) $45 per hour, minimum $135

Please review our Rules of Conduct