Rules of Conduct

Schedule B: Rules of Conduct 

The Licensee agrees to abide by and enforce among its representatives and participants/guests the following rules: 

  1. No illegal drugs and no alcohol shall be brought onto the premises. No inebriated person is permitted to enter the premises.
  2. No dangerous behavior, loud or vulgar language, or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.
  3. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, excluding the change rooms.
  4. No smoking/vaping is permitted anywhere on the premises.
  5. No furniture is to be moved into the gymnasium.
  6. No drinks (except unadulterated water) and no food will be permitted inside the gymnasium.
  7. Only footwear not previously worn outdoors will be permitted to be worn inside the gymnasium.
  8. All participants, spectators, and guests must comply with posted signage as well as the guidance and directives of the Licensor’s on-site representatives.