Ocean Breeze Run 2014 Schedule of Events

May my dog participate with me?
While you may encounter dogs on this public trail, no dogs are permitted to accompany our OBTR participants - with one very special exception: Service dogs are welcome to join their owners on the course. 

May I run/walk with a stroller?
In all cases, participants pushing strollers must position themselves at the back of the pack for the start. While use of strollers is permissible in both the 5k Gale/Breeze and 10k Hurricane, we strongly advise against use of strollers in the 10k route which takes participants roadside with no sidewalk. We leave this to the runner’s discretion.

May I use my Nordic Poles?
This option is available only for the 5k walk. If you choose to use Nordic Poles for the 5K event, please be aware of your surroundings

Ocean Breeze Trail Run finisher pins
Do participants receive finisher medals?

Every participant receives a hand stamped bib and a unique finisher's button.  The art for both are done by the student's at Halifax Independent School.


May I cancel/defer/transfer my registration?
a.    Registrations are non-refundable, with no option to cancel.
b.    A registration can be deferred for one year only.
c.    Registrations are non-transferrable.

For the Zephyr Kids’ 2k, may I run alongside my child?
If I do, am I required to register as a participant?

(Adults cannot actually register—we welcome a donation.)

a. Children are encouraged to run without an accompanying adult if possible. We have youth runners to accompany the children. If your child is able to run independently, consider joining the adults who cheer for all youth run participants from the sidelines.

b. We recognize that for safety, age, or other requirements, an adult may want to run with their child and we leave this to the parent’s/guardian’s discretion. 

c. Adults can not officially register for the Zephyr, so please register yourself for another event, or consider making a donation.

If I am running in an event that my child is not in, is there supervision provided?
For insurance purposes, we are unable to provide supervision for children.

What time does the course close?
The Ocean Breeze Trail Run encourages runners and walkers of all speeds to join us, so we will keep the course open until the last participant crosses the finish line.



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